Inductee - Jason Crump

Motorcycle Speedway

Jason Crump

Motorcycle Speedway

JASON CRUMP is a three-time world speedway champion, and the country’s most successful solo racer in a motorcycle discipline Australia gave to the world.

Not only did he top the championship standings in 2004, 2006 and 2009, he was on the rostrum for 10 years in a row between 2001-2010, claiming five silver and two bronze medals.

The winner of a record 23 Grand Prix titles, with 56 rostrum placings from 77 grand finals, Crump set the bar high at 2006 points from 145 appearances before retiring in 2012.

Speedway racing traces its origins back to an impromptu meeting at West Maitland Showground in 1923, and established itself overseas, most notably in the UK, from 1928.

Since the world championship was inaugurated in 1936, there have been just five Australian winners, but none to match Jason's three titles or to remotely challenge his many years at the top.

In more than two decades in Europe he also featured in three World Cup-winning teams for Australia, was the world Under-21 champion, and represented teams in England, Poland and Sweden with distinction.

More than the breaking of records and the accumulation of titles, he has long been regarded as an outstanding standard bearer for the sport – articulate, forthright, daring, thrilling to watch, and keenly aware of the need to entertain spectators.

That combination of talents has allowed him to seamlessly enter the world of media and promotion. He was an ambassador for the Australia Speedway Grand Prix at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium in 2015, working tirelessly in a series of television, radio and personal appearances.

Racing is in his blood; his grandfather Neil Street represented Australia and later managed the national team; his father Phil was a star rider in the 1970s and 1980s and finished third in the world in 1976.

Jason is a family man: he and his wife Melody live at Monterey Keys and have two children, Mia and Seth.